February Favourites 


This month has been a crazy as I’ve just had three weeks off. Only as the month was coming to an end did I start to gather my February Favourites.

Walking dead

I have just started this and I am hooked ,within a day I had finished the first series. I am now on the second and cannot stop its brilliant I’m almost onto the third series on Sky Box sets. It’s one of those shows that once you watch one episode you have to put the next on. I am so glad I am not up to date with this as I can do mass binges which is how I am spending most of my free time now.


I went through a phase recently where I was living in lush shower gel and bath bombs, and I had noticed my bath bomb collection was dwindling so I ran over and got myself some more gorgeous smelling  goodies, I  was very lucky as I have a friend who works there so she was showing me all the lovely new bits that I should try.  I always try to mix it up with bath bombs to see what works and doesn’t, I cannot wait to try yoga bomb and sex bomb they smell amazing and look like they will be a fun experiment.


I have recently had a love hate releationship with topshop, every time I went in I didn’t like what they had or they never had my size, but with the weather slightly resembling spring some of their new stuff is looking good for a seasonal transition. I have even gone out of my comfort zone and got myself a burnt orange velvet cordaroy pinafore which is so comfy it will be worn to death this season now I get to experiment with what tops work . I also finally managed to get a cute cropped shirt with humming birds on it which has taken me forever to hunt down. Both of these items are so out of my comfort zone and I love it, next dungarees I think.

No offence

Another great tv show it’s just had its second series on Channel 4 and gets better each series, written by Paul abbot (shameless) set in a Manchester police station you see the inner workings of how cases are solved and the forensics of them. With the central characters being women it gives a new perspective on how women are precieved in roles of authority in such a male work environment. If you loved Shameless you will love this.


This is the first show that Netflix has aimed for young adults. Looking like it would live on the CW the story is set in Riverdale a small town in America. When a student dies and weeks later his body is discovered how does the town react and who did it?. With twist turns and flashbacks this show is pulling out all the stops and it’s only just begun. Plus Cole Sprouse from  from the Suite Life (Ben from Friends) is in it after having a break from acting.

Science and Natural History Museum

I recently went here in January and have already done a repeat visit. I went during the week so both museums were full of school trips or young families. So much had changed in both museums, part of the Natural History Museum was closed due to an instalment for a new exhibition which was a bit annoying but I still loved it. I have been to the Science Museum twice now and want to go back soon, they currently have a 3D IMAX with films made for the museum about bugs, the universe and many more some of which are narrated by different actors.

Bye for Now


Skincare and Haircare Routine


It’s been ages I know but I have a new post for you today, as the weather has been so unpredictable I have been making sure my hair and skin do not get affected.

With the weather constantly changing I want to make sure my skin doesn’t get  affected. I have been using Orgins for just over three years now and I haven’t found another product that works the way theirs do.

In the morning and evening  I always use the Checks and Balance frothy face wash, I find if I am having combination skin problems this sorts it out as it’s so gentle. Normally when I use other face washes my skin feels dry and pulled when this doesn’t, it smells amazing with lavender, spearmint and bergamot not to strong for the morning or evening. This is designed to work on combination skin keeping your dry and oily areas in balance.

When I need  to give my skin a boost  I use the  Out of Trouble 1o minute mask from the Drink up range aimed for dry skin this mask works wonders, I have used it many a time when I need an area targeted which gets sorted instantly with Apricot Kernel oil used you know this is going to smell amazing as well as giving you great results.

Left to Right : Checks and Balances, Out of Trouble


Once I cleanse I use the Super Spot Remover twice a day to target those pesky spots that need a little extra help, I have been using this product for over five years and it is the best spot gel I have ever used. I cannot recommend this product enough targeting acne prone skin I have given it to other people to try and they have ended up getting it they loved it so much and loved the results. As I have combination skin I try to make sure my eyes are taken care of as the skin around your eyes is so delicate, I also am prone to dark circles and the A Perfect World for Eyes   which I have been using for over a month now has made a difference definitely it  aims to hydrate, tone, firm and target dark circles  while protecting from environmental damage.

Once I have taken care of my eyes I then moisturise with Plantscription SPF 25 Power Anti Ageing Oil Free Cream I have just started using this and I have noticed a difference in the short amount of time. I wanted a moisturiser with SPF to make sure my skin was always protected when I am out and about, I have also used the A Perfect World AntiOxidant Moisturiser with White Tea which protects the skin from environmental damage. Comparing the two I prefer Plantscription as it has a SPF and the results felt like they lasted longer than A Perfect World. Once I cleanser in the evening I use High Potency Night-A-Mins Moisturiser  I haven’t used a evening moisturiser before but I’m glad I have started now I always worry evening creams are heavy and cakey which isn’t nice to put on before you go to sleep. This is the complete opposite I love using this it’s so lightweight and full of vitamins and minerals to help replenish the skin, it smells amazing which helps you relax and let the moisturiser do it’s job when I wake up the next day my skin is smooth and oil free which is the nicest feeling when starting your day.


Left to Right: High Potency Night a Mins, Plantscription SPF 25 Anti Ageing, A Perfect World for Eyes, Super Spot Remove


As I colour my hair I try to keep it in the best condition possible with regularish cuts and shampoos and conditioners that protect coloured hair. I heard about Oaui on Lily Pebbles channel and decided to give it a go. I have fine hair so I started with the volume set which I have decided I will not repurchase yet as I have started using the Ouai Clean Shampoo and Oaui Clean Conditioner both of these are good for coloured hair and give your hair a reset if you use styling or texturising products regularly which I have started to do. I normally go through products quiet quickly but I haven’t even got through half of the bottles yet which is always a plus.

Left to Right: Ouai Conditioner Clean, Ouai Shampoo Clean


I always go to Toni and Guy to get my hair cut and coloured and find that the Label.M products work wonders on my hair to make it look fuller and thicker. I have used  other mousses in the past and it always goes sticky, hardens and makes my hair crusty if I don’t style it instantly but the Label.M Volume Mousse  gives you volume without the crustyness mixed with the Label.M Blow Out Spray  my hair look full and thick all day. I use both products everyday and using on just wet hair still has the same effects, both products smell amazing which is always a plus and a little goes a long way which is always a bonus.

Left to Right: Label.M Volume Mousse, Label.M Blow Out Spray

Bye for now


New Years Resolutions


Its been a while I know but it’s a new year so a fresh start.

Every year I set myself resolutions that I will never be able to keep and by the end of the year I feel crap as I hadn’t kept to them.

This year I am setting myself resolutions that are realistic and if I don’t achieve them it’s not the end of the world.

Get into London more 

After visiting London recently I realised how much I missed venturing out and visiting museums. This year I am going to attempt to make it more into London and explore.

Stop worrying about your weight 

Every year I say I will lose x amount of weight and I never achieve it as Christmas takes all the hard work away with indulging in everything. This year I am not going to worry and just be happy with how I feel.

Learn a new skill

I have been saying for ages that I am going to do some short courses and this year I am aiming to take as many as I can find time to do.

Take your holiday throughout the year not all at once just before it runs out 

This has happened to me now and it turns out I may not be able to take all of it anyway. This year I am going to take small city breaks and plan one big holiday.

Spend a little bit more for something nicer

This year I’m aiming in investing in nicer quality of clothing , make up and skin care that will last that bit longer. I get reactions from cheaper make up and skin care anyway so this is just something I am continuing but I have noticed that in the past year I am looking at better quality products that will last longer and I would get more joy out of using.

I could continue adding to the list but then the more I add the more likely I would not keep half of them.

Bye for now


Kiko Haul


I was given a Kiko gift voucher for Christmas and finally got to go and have a look at what my local store had to offer.

I wear quiet a lot of lipstick so I thought it would be best to get some more lipliners in to match my current favourites.

First up the Creamy Colour Comfort Liners I got this in colours 302 and 307. Both these colours are close to Melon Pop my Clinque which I have almost finished and will need to repurchase soon and 110 in the Kate for Rimmel range which is a coral red toned lipstick. The liners go on nicely and do not feel chalky when applying. I also bought the Smart lipliner in 702 which is a brighter coral colour that will match many of my lipsticks, I also bought the Intensely Lavish lip liner in 03 this was in the sale and a beautiful red which making my mission to find the perfect red lippy much needed. All the packaging is simple but effective in black boxes like Mac for the Creamy Colours and a purple and pink rose gold box for the Intensely Lavish liner.

I am also a sucker for a nude eyeshadow and my L’oreal colour riche nude 206 had broken when I was away in Morocco and the Kiko High Pigment wet and dry eyeshadow is a lovely replacement in shade 16 its a bit darker than 206 but has plenty of shimmer. I used this on Saturday as a base and a highlighter and it looked great. I also bought the Long Lasting Stick in 35 which is a rose pink shimmery colour that you can use as a base or build up to get a more dramatic feel. I used this on my crease and the outer corners of my eyes which looked great and lasted all night. As I wanted a soft evening eye both of these products were perfect. The packaging is lovely the High Pigment eyeshadow is in a black box which has a wide clear area to see the colour and is easy to open, the eyeshadow stick is easy to use and  chunkier which is nice as you can get a better grip on the stick.

On first impressions I would return to Kiko they are reasonably priced and the quality of the make up is amazing with superb pigment for the price altogether I spent just under £30 for 6 products. If your looking for a good quality brand that doesn’t break the bank then have a look at Kiko.

Images taken on Cannon 600D , 18-55mm lens

Bye for now





Winter Survival Kit


As the weather has gotten colder I started to think about what products get me through winter.

First up Cold and Flu medicines, this past week I have been dosing myself with Nurofen cold & flu, Beechams max strength all in one and Vitamin C tablets to try and beat this bug. I have also been drinking as much water as possible and added lemon juice to help soothe my throat. I’ve also been told zinc is meant to be good for colds as it helps the body heal quicker.

Last winter my skin was destroyed by the cold so this year I am upping my game and moisturising like crazy. I have stuck to my La Roche Posay anti redness moisturiser for my face which has worked great for a day cream and has UV protection, at night I have been going a bit mad with my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream applying it under my eyes, under my nose, my lips, my knuckles  and my nails or anywhere else that needs it.

As I get cold easily I always layer up, recently I have not stopped wearing my blue and black checked New Look scarf from last year. This scarf has been my saviour these past few weeks as when I’m cold I just use it as a shawl when indoors. Although I have not started using my winter coat I cannot wait to use it soon as it is the cosiest woolen coat that has lasted me six years.

Bye for now


July Favourites


As the month has come to an end I started to think about what I have been loving this month.

Archery brow pencil soap and glory

I have finally given this a go as my HD brow powder is almost finished. I ended up getting the lighter colour as the dark brown was sold out like always. After experimenting with the pencil I have finally a product that I would repeat purchase. The texture of the pencil is perfect and lasts all day as it is slightly waxy.

Sons of Anarchy

I was recommended this series and have really gotten into it recently and am on series five after two weeks. The show is about a motorbike club like the Hells Angels and what happens to them as they are illegally selling guns. I have also got my dad hooked and he has nearly finished series one, if you are looking for a series with some grit that is similar to The Sopranos  I would recommend this.

Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof khol eyeliner in nude

I have been hearing everyone talking about wearing a nude eyeliner to help reduce the look of fatigue. After looking everywhere and not wanting to break the bank as I am on a budget I found this eyeliner which has the nicest pigment , stay power and best of all it blends so well. Unless another eyeliner like this comes out I will be repurchasing this again.

Topshop Cullottes

As it was my birthday on Monday I was looking to treat myself to something and found that my local Topshop had added new items to their sale. After looking for ages I found the cutest black and white patterned cullottes that were the only ones left in my size. Trying them on felt like I was wearing pyjamas they were so comfy and they would go with so many tops I already owned double bonus. As soon as I got them I went to H&M to get a black and white stripped top that would be perfect for a pattern clash with the culottes.

Bye for now


Summer Beauty Must Haves

As Summer is now here I started to think about what beauty products get me through the next two months.

Bioderma Sensitive Micellaire Crealine H2O water, I have been using this product for years. I have used it for multiple things like removing temp tattoos and removing tape residue from my ankle and it has removed everything. I normally buy this in 500ml bottles as I use it so much and it is worth the price.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, I have only recently been introduced to this by my mum as my lips were so cracked and no lip balm was helping them. This product is going to become a repeat buy for me as it has repaired my lips completely and I can use it on other areas like my hands and nails.

Label M Blow out /spray I have been using this product for years it smells great, gives your hair volume and protects from heat and UV. It’s a little pricy but worth it.

Clinque pop lipstick I have just purchased Melon Pop  after hearing everyone talk about the lipstick and I have instantly fallen for it. I wore this with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream under it and it lasted most of the day with a lovely shimmer. I also used the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Eastend Snob with it which matched almost perfectly. I predict this is going to be my most used lipstick this summer.

Concealer , I am currently only using concealer when I put make up on as the weather is getting so much warmer. I am using the Max Factor Masterclass Under eye concealer in 303 Ivory which I have almost run out of and 306 in fair as Boots had run out of Ivory. Another concealer I am using is the Urban Decay Naked Skin in Light Warm, I was watching a Lilly Pebbles video and thought I would give it ago and it has become my main concealer. The coverage is great and it blends nicely, I’ve also found a small amount goes a long way which is amazing.

Bye for now