February Favourites 


This month has been a crazy as I’ve just had three weeks off. Only as the month was coming to an end did I start to gather my February Favourites.

Walking dead

I have just started this and I am hooked ,within a day I had finished the first series. I am now on the second and cannot stop its brilliant I’m almost onto the third series on Sky Box sets. It’s one of those shows that once you watch one episode you have to put the next on. I am so glad I am not up to date with this as I can do mass binges which is how I am spending most of my free time now.


I went through a phase recently where I was living in lush shower gel and bath bombs, and I had noticed my bath bomb collection was dwindling so I ran over and got myself some more gorgeous smelling  goodies, I  was very lucky as I have a friend who works there so she was showing me all the lovely new bits that I should try.  I always try to mix it up with bath bombs to see what works and doesn’t, I cannot wait to try yoga bomb and sex bomb they smell amazing and look like they will be a fun experiment.


I have recently had a love hate releationship with topshop, every time I went in I didn’t like what they had or they never had my size, but with the weather slightly resembling spring some of their new stuff is looking good for a seasonal transition. I have even gone out of my comfort zone and got myself a burnt orange velvet cordaroy pinafore which is so comfy it will be worn to death this season now I get to experiment with what tops work . I also finally managed to get a cute cropped shirt with humming birds on it which has taken me forever to hunt down. Both of these items are so out of my comfort zone and I love it, next dungarees I think.

No offence

Another great tv show it’s just had its second series on Channel 4 and gets better each series, written by Paul abbot (shameless) set in a Manchester police station you see the inner workings of how cases are solved and the forensics of them. With the central characters being women it gives a new perspective on how women are precieved in roles of authority in such a male work environment. If you loved Shameless you will love this.


This is the first show that Netflix has aimed for young adults. Looking like it would live on the CW the story is set in Riverdale a small town in America. When a student dies and weeks later his body is discovered how does the town react and who did it?. With twist turns and flashbacks this show is pulling out all the stops and it’s only just begun. Plus Cole Sprouse from  from the Suite Life (Ben from Friends) is in it after having a break from acting.

Science and Natural History Museum

I recently went here in January and have already done a repeat visit. I went during the week so both museums were full of school trips or young families. So much had changed in both museums, part of the Natural History Museum was closed due to an instalment for a new exhibition which was a bit annoying but I still loved it. I have been to the Science Museum twice now and want to go back soon, they currently have a 3D IMAX with films made for the museum about bugs, the universe and many more some of which are narrated by different actors.

Bye for Now


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