Skincare and Haircare Routine


It’s been ages I know but I have a new post for you today, as the weather has been so unpredictable I have been making sure my hair and skin do not get affected.

With the weather constantly changing I want to make sure my skin doesn’t get  affected. I have been using Orgins for just over three years now and I haven’t found another product that works the way theirs do.

In the morning and evening  I always use the Checks and Balance frothy face wash, I find if I am having combination skin problems this sorts it out as it’s so gentle. Normally when I use other face washes my skin feels dry and pulled when this doesn’t, it smells amazing with lavender, spearmint and bergamot not to strong for the morning or evening. This is designed to work on combination skin keeping your dry and oily areas in balance.

When I need  to give my skin a boost  I use the  Out of Trouble 1o minute mask from the Drink up range aimed for dry skin this mask works wonders, I have used it many a time when I need an area targeted which gets sorted instantly with Apricot Kernel oil used you know this is going to smell amazing as well as giving you great results.

Left to Right : Checks and Balances, Out of Trouble


Once I cleanse I use the Super Spot Remover twice a day to target those pesky spots that need a little extra help, I have been using this product for over five years and it is the best spot gel I have ever used. I cannot recommend this product enough targeting acne prone skin I have given it to other people to try and they have ended up getting it they loved it so much and loved the results. As I have combination skin I try to make sure my eyes are taken care of as the skin around your eyes is so delicate, I also am prone to dark circles and the A Perfect World for Eyes   which I have been using for over a month now has made a difference definitely it  aims to hydrate, tone, firm and target dark circles  while protecting from environmental damage.

Once I have taken care of my eyes I then moisturise with Plantscription SPF 25 Power Anti Ageing Oil Free Cream I have just started using this and I have noticed a difference in the short amount of time. I wanted a moisturiser with SPF to make sure my skin was always protected when I am out and about, I have also used the A Perfect World AntiOxidant Moisturiser with White Tea which protects the skin from environmental damage. Comparing the two I prefer Plantscription as it has a SPF and the results felt like they lasted longer than A Perfect World. Once I cleanser in the evening I use High Potency Night-A-Mins Moisturiser  I haven’t used a evening moisturiser before but I’m glad I have started now I always worry evening creams are heavy and cakey which isn’t nice to put on before you go to sleep. This is the complete opposite I love using this it’s so lightweight and full of vitamins and minerals to help replenish the skin, it smells amazing which helps you relax and let the moisturiser do it’s job when I wake up the next day my skin is smooth and oil free which is the nicest feeling when starting your day.


Left to Right: High Potency Night a Mins, Plantscription SPF 25 Anti Ageing, A Perfect World for Eyes, Super Spot Remove


As I colour my hair I try to keep it in the best condition possible with regularish cuts and shampoos and conditioners that protect coloured hair. I heard about Oaui on Lily Pebbles channel and decided to give it a go. I have fine hair so I started with the volume set which I have decided I will not repurchase yet as I have started using the Ouai Clean Shampoo and Oaui Clean Conditioner both of these are good for coloured hair and give your hair a reset if you use styling or texturising products regularly which I have started to do. I normally go through products quiet quickly but I haven’t even got through half of the bottles yet which is always a plus.

Left to Right: Ouai Conditioner Clean, Ouai Shampoo Clean


I always go to Toni and Guy to get my hair cut and coloured and find that the Label.M products work wonders on my hair to make it look fuller and thicker. I have used  other mousses in the past and it always goes sticky, hardens and makes my hair crusty if I don’t style it instantly but the Label.M Volume Mousse  gives you volume without the crustyness mixed with the Label.M Blow Out Spray  my hair look full and thick all day. I use both products everyday and using on just wet hair still has the same effects, both products smell amazing which is always a plus and a little goes a long way which is always a bonus.

Left to Right: Label.M Volume Mousse, Label.M Blow Out Spray

Bye for now


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