I have been in Edinburgh since Saturday and have started to write down what I think is worth seeing/ doing in Edinburgh during this fringe festival.

First up Arthurs Seat, we set off around 9.30 ( we got back to the flat around 11 so we were happy with our time) and started to feel like this would be fine we were on a man made path why were people acting like this was a big deal. Boy was I wrong the path splits into the man made one for a different easier less impressive hill and the dirt path to Arthurs Seat. It is a trek but worth it as the view is amazing if you have a look at the instagram you will see its beauty and how much of Edinburgh you can see on a good clear day, the only thing I would recommend would be to wear sensible shoes like trainers or walking boots I saw one guy go and attempt it in flip flops I’m sure he is regretting that now.

Next up  Ahir Shah at the Laughing horse @ Cabaret Voltaire , I saw he was recommended by Iain Stirling on Twitter (I will also try and go see Iain later this week hopefully) put him on my to see list and didn’t think anything about it till yesterday when getting in from Arthurs seat my brother tells me he is also going to see him but we have to get there early as it would be a full room. After running around madly packing for the day we left and agreed to meed fifteen minutes before the show to get a seat, word of advice the entire pub pretty much was there to see him and half of them had already got the seats and the rest were now standing, next time I would have get there thirty minutes early just to get a seat. We all ended up sitting on the floor in front of the stage as that was the only space available. If you like left wing politics and excellent comic timing you will love him also he does a bit where he is a tree which is brilliant , I already want to go again but know I will never get a seat as he is that popular. But don’t worry if you miss him at the fringe as he is doing the same show in London at Soho Theatre early October, I feel I will be dragging my friends to see him as he is becoming one of my new favourite comedians.

After my mum, brother and friend ran out to get to another show me and my dad wondered around Edinburgh to get to our next show Mark Thomas at the Traverse. After a good pale ale we all found each other and and went in, I have never seen Mark Thomas before but my parents love him so I knew I would like it, I am so glad I saw this show not knowing what I was walking into was a nice surprise also if you love left wing politics you will also love Mark Thomas as this show is about his time as a student supporting the striking miners in 1984. With audience participation and various characters Mark tells a story about what is the truth and what is a fabricated lie to make a story good. If you have the chance to see him please do as you will not be disappointed.


Bye for now


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