Day 1 and 2 in Dublin


Sorry it’s been a while but it’s been worth it as I was working and planning a four day trip to Dublin.

I left on Sunday and came back Thursday evening,  this part of the blog covers the first half of the trip.

As soon as we landed we jumped into a cab and checked in and dropped our bags off we went and grabbed a bite to eat at Murray’s Bar and Grill which had live music and irish dancing.

On the first day we planned our day and headed out to Trinity College and started to have a look around after deciding to opt out of the guided tour and just wonder around ourselves. In the end we went to The Book of Kells and the Long Room. The book of Kells is the four books of Gospels of the New Testament in Latin each decorated differently due to the time period. Once we had finished with The book of Kells we moved onto the Old Library which consist of a Long Room full of Library’s oldest books stretching almost 65 metres.



We then moved onto Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library. We ended up paying for the tour of Dublin Castle as it covered the medieval part of the castle, the chapel and the state apartments, if you do the self guided tour you only see the state apartments so it was worth paying a little extra to see the other parts of the castle. On the tour you start with the medieval section showing you parts of the castle that are still remaining and also the black pool that gave Dublin its name. Once we finished with the medieval part we then moved onto the chapel which is no longer in use, next up was The State Apartments that are still in use and close when need for state purposes. Within the grounds of the castle there is the Chester Beatty Library which is full of exhibitions full of  Asian, the Middle Eastern, North African and European artwork, manuscripts, rare books, prints and drawings.


Once we were done with the Castle we walked to  Christ Church Cathedral  which was beautiful with a crypt underneath it. The Cathedral has been used in many films and tv shows including the BBC drama The Tudors which had a display of their costumes in the crypt. After the Cathedral we walked to Kilmainham Gaol which we found out was sold out and you could only buy tickets from the Jail when it opened.


On our second day we grabbed breakfast and jumped on a tourist bus and went to Kilmainham Gaol and queued for almost three hours to get a time slot. While we were waiting for our time slot we walked across the road and went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. If you end up getting tickets for the jail and you have some time to kill check out the museum. As you walk through the jail you are given information about the 1916 easter rising and those involved. Each cell has the persons name above the door many of the cells held people involved in the easter rising all apart from one were executed the only person who survived was a woman who was moved to an English prison and years later was released.


After the Gaol we walked to the Guinness Storehouse, we had heard mixed reviews about whether it was worth the 20 euros but after reading many reviews online we decided to give it ago. Starting on the ground floor you are given a brief introduction to Guinness and how to move around the building. The building is built like a Guinness glass so you are walking up in a spiral to eventually the top floor which has a 360 degree glass window so you can see all of Dublin at all angles. The museum covered how Guinness is made what goes into it and what machinery is used and how it has evolved over the years. The part I liked the best was the floor dedicated to the old adverts and seeing how Guinness’s branding has changed over the years. On the fourth floor you learn to pour the perfect pint and can then take your pint up to the top floor and drink it while looking at the beautiful view. On the way back to the hotel we jumped on the tour bus and finished the tour to our hotel got changed and made a plan for the evening.

I have also more photos on my instagram from the trip and will put up a post about the last day and a half later this week.

Bye for now



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