Being Gluten Free


After watching TalkBeckyTalk‘s video this morning it made me think about what advice I would have as in January I will be gluten free for two years due to pcos.


I started with reading the Atkins new you book which helped me think about the food I could eat and what carbohydrates to avoid.

For my birthday after I was diagnosed  I was given the Gwyneth Paltrow It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great, this is a great go to book as she is gluten free so all the recipes are going to make you feel great and she gives you an easy baked sweet potato recipe.

I recently bought the Deliciously Ella recipe book which I cannot stop using, if you want to make some great sweet treats then have a look at this book and her website. With a new book coming out in the new year I am defiantly going to buy it and keep my sweet tooth happy.



Over the years I have found it tricky to eat out always looking ahead of time at possible places to eat to have an idea of what I could order ( I ate a lot of salads)

Nandos – This is always a go to for me as it is all meat with a side of your choice, I normally go for a quarter or half chicken with salad on the side.

Pizza Express, Ask, Zizzi, Dominos -If you like pizza then don’t worry you can get your fix. Last christmas eve at a pizza express myself and my mum found that they started doing gluten free which meant we weren’t going to have to just have a salad like always. Dominos only does gf in a small when ordering.



Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose – Their free from sections will become your new best friend. I have gf bread (genius is the best brand we found), cereal( big oz uses buckwheat) , porridge,  frozen pizza and there are gf biscuits, and other sweet treats. I have also found that quourn do gf stuff like sausages and burgers which are nice.

If you are newly gluten and wheat free I hope this helped.

Bye for now



Winter Survival Kit


As the weather has gotten colder I started to think about what products get me through winter.

First up Cold and Flu medicines, this past week I have been dosing myself with Nurofen cold & flu, Beechams max strength all in one and Vitamin C tablets to try and beat this bug. I have also been drinking as much water as possible and added lemon juice to help soothe my throat. I’ve also been told zinc is meant to be good for colds as it helps the body heal quicker.

Last winter my skin was destroyed by the cold so this year I am upping my game and moisturising like crazy. I have stuck to my La Roche Posay anti redness moisturiser for my face which has worked great for a day cream and has UV protection, at night I have been going a bit mad with my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream applying it under my eyes, under my nose, my lips, my knuckles  and my nails or anywhere else that needs it.

As I get cold easily I always layer up, recently I have not stopped wearing my blue and black checked New Look scarf from last year. This scarf has been my saviour these past few weeks as when I’m cold I just use it as a shawl when indoors. Although I have not started using my winter coat I cannot wait to use it soon as it is the cosiest woolen coat that has lasted me six years.

Bye for now