Marrakech Part 2


As I am writing this now I am wrapped up warmly at home wishing I was back in the Moroccan heat.

Day 3

After a lovely day out in the jewish quarter and the Saadian tombs we came back to the Riad and got ready for the evening meal as it was my mums birthday. We went to Le Jordin which was recommended to us through the guide book. After a wonderful meal we went back and packed for out trip to the Atlas mountains the next day.

Day 4 and 5

To break up the trip with a to the mountains was perfect as it was the complete opposite to the city. After an hour and a half drive we arrived and had unpacked we ate lunch and made plans for what to do that afternoon.

We decided on a hike to a local viewing point with a local guide. Unfortunately one of our group was ill so she did not join us for the hike, once we got to the top of the hill and I stopped whining we took in the view which was incredible. When we returned to the hotel all muddy and feeling sore we had dinner, played bananagram and went on the terrace to look at the stars and the milky way.

The next day we split into two groups one who went on a longer hike than the day before and one who stayed at the hotel, I stayed at the hotel and myself and my mum walked down to the next main village to have a look around. After lunch we packed up and went back to the Riad to find dinner waiting for us.

Day 6

As we wanted to try and fit everything in over the next few days we headed to the Ben Youseff Madrassa and the Maison de la Photographie to have a look around. The Madrassa was covered in beautiful art work on the ceilings and decoration around doors, windows and floors. With such high ceilings the rooms were the height of two stories covered in intricate designed  brick work. After admiring the architecture we moved on to the photography museum which was three floors full of beautiful pictures by Moroccan artists.

When returning to the Riad we decided to split up again into groups some stayed at the Riad and the others went to the market again. Walking through the market was different when I was with my parents no one seemed to bother us or shout after us so we were able to shop and not feel harassed. In the evening we had a meal together and played games.

Day 7

To mix up the sights mum booked a trip to see the Ourika waterfall. Two members of the group weren’t feeling great, so the group was split up again. After a long car journey we made it to the waterfall and found a guide to take us up the waterfall. I would recommend getting a guide as we almost didn’t and very happy that we did. Once we got to the waterfall we had some tea climbed a bit more and then headed back to have some lunch. After having lunch on the river we jumped into the car and headed back to the city to join the rest of our poorly group.

Day 8

As it was my mums birthday on Sunday some of us treated her to a Hammam and massage which my dad joined her for so us kids had a lazy morning at the Riad just reading and hanging out.

Once my parents returned we had lunch and went back to the market to find items for the house and ourselves. After looking some Funduqs which were stabling for traders which have been converted into artisan workshops we found one selling good quality leather bags after half an hour of umming and urring four of us walked out very happy with bags or satchels. As we were heading back to the Riad we found a shop that sold ceramics that was just about to close that had a jug that we had been looking for all holiday after some haggling we walked out with the jug.

Day 9

As it was our last day we got up early and tried to cram in as much as possible First up was the Bahia Palace which was full of gardens and beautiful decoration in each room. With intricately decorated fountains to wooden door panels which were decorated  with paintings of flowers. Once we finished at the palace we rushed off to the Koutoubia Mosque the outside was beautifully designed with hidden speakers lining the top half of the mosque so call to prayer was heard. As we were not allowed in the mosque we went to the gardens next to the mosque and had a look around had a drink and wondered back to the Riad to have lunch and then catch a plane.

If your planning a holiday soon look into Marrakech the weather was amazing and the food was superb. Although the Souks were not as enjoyable we found some smaller ones hidden in the city which we returned to multiple times. I would defiantly return again as I could look at the architecture and gardens all day. If you want to see any pictures from the trip have a look at my instagram or twitter.

Bye for now


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