Deliciously Ella Recipes


Last year I was told I was intolerant to gluten, after starting Atkins to get my body used to no carbs I started to look for recipes online that I could try.

And then I found Deliciously Ella, who focuses on dishes that were plant based, dairy, sugar, meat and gluten free due to a rare illness that she controls through diet.

Over this year I have made the sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry which went down a treat and was very easy to make. The aubergine, sun- dried tomato and pine nut salad is a great quick lunch that I made the day I got her book, and have tried since her quinoa tabouleh  which is a great summer salad. As I cannot have chips anymore her celeriac fries are a great substitute that I have made multiple times as well as the cinnamon and paprika sweet potato wedges.

Recently I made her strawberry and coconut cream tarts which I love and will make the pastry again but as cookies. As I am such a chocoholic I will be making many of Ella’s brownie recipes and her triple layered chocolate cake with thick frosting and raspberries. As I have just found some blackberries I will be making the blackberry, apple and maple crumble which looks amazing.

Bye for now


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