Sorry It’s been a while


I’m sorry It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but there is a good reason.

I am recovering from ankle ligament surgery and have had to be dealing with that. After I quit my job as a waitress I went back to my physiotherapist and was referred to a surgeon who diagnosed me with a torn AFTL and a bone at the back of my foot that shouldn’t be there.

So a date was set and I had the surgery two weeks ago, after two weeks in a cast which was horrible I have now been told that my ankle is looking great the surgery was a success. The ligament has been repaired and the marble sized bone in the back of my ankle has been removed.

Finally I am in a boot and able to put weight on it YAY. After three years of pain it has been fixed. The ankle is still very bruised and still has some dissolvable stitches in it but it is looking good.

I will update you soon


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