Books, Books and More Books


Since August I have become a book worm. It started when I was given some books for my birthday and finally having the time to read and escalated from there.

First up was The Girl With All The Gifts, I cannot recommend this book more it is set in the future after a fungus infects the world making people become “hungries”. Now I know what your thinking not another zoombie book but this is different. The central character is Melanie a 10 year old girl who is a hungry kept in a military base where other children like Melanie are being experimented on. After the base is invaded its up to Melanie, Sergeant Parks, Dr Caldwell and Miss Justineau to get to the Beacon. I am also now very excited to see that the book is being made into a film.

Next up was We All Are Completely Beside Ourselves, this book took a while to get into but it was worth it. The book starts in the middle and jumps back and forth from the beginning intwined with the middle into the end. The book is based on the idea of people raising animals as humans. Our main character Rosemary is human her “sister” Fern is not. Throughout the book you learn that Fern went away and Rosemary has blocked out the reason why. The end of the book is so sweet and made my heart melt.

I had seen this book around for a while and thought it looked interesting but I was so disappointed with The Shock of The Fall. I stuck with it as I wanted to know how it ended but I never got stuck into it. The book is written like an autobiography by Matthew the younger brother of Simon who suffers from downs syndrome, within the first few pages Simon dies and Matthew’s life changes.

Next I went on to read all six of the Scott Pilgrim books. These books are a good quick read that are beautifully illustrated in black and white. After reading these books I want to read more graphic novels.

After reading a review of The Jewel in Grazia I decided to give it ago. This book got me hooked at once, the idea behind it is that the upperclass cannot have children and they have to use surrogates. Each surrogate has a ranking once they become of age they are trained and bid on by the wealthy. The story is told through one of the surrogates perspective after being bought by one of the richest women in the Jewel.  If you want a book to read during the summer give this one ago.

I was watching Giovannasworld on YouTube and she was talking about what books she was loving at that point. I had heard about The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect and decided to give them ago, the story is in a man’s point of view of finding a partner. The book is sweet with an odd awkward leading character. If you like awkward love stories then these books are for you.

Up next is the Divergent series, after seeing the film me and a friend decided we would give the books ago as we loved the film so much. The film does the book justice which I am so happy about if you haven’t read the books go and buy them now, I love the writing in which the author makes Tris a complete badass, the sector she choses highlights that. As the books continue you see Tris become a force to be reckoned with as she stands up for what she believes and rebells against authority. If you liked Hunger Games then pick this up.

After all the hype I have finally read the Miniaturist set in Amsterdam during the 17th century, Nella an 18 year old girl marries a much older man Johannes and moves from the countryside to the city. With a sister in law from hell and a distant husband Nella feels alone until Johannes buys her a dolls house. From there her life changes completely. With a variety of characters this book is a lovely read that grips you instantly, I couldn’t put it down and recommend to everyone I meet.

Finally I have just finished White Girl Problems and the sequel Pyschos written by Babe Walker, these books are so funny I did not stop laughing. Babe is from California and lives a life of luxury never being able to  keep a job and living off her fathers money. The book is a memoir of her life which came originally from a rehab exercise. Babe is crazy and has some hilarious insights into her world, I recommended this book to a friend and she loved it too not being able to put it down.

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