Beauty and Books Haul


So this week I went a little mad and bought some books and took advantage of Boot’s 3 for 2 offer.

The first stop was to Waterstones as I had just finished The Night Circus and needed something else to read, to my delight they were doing a buy one get one half price offer which made me very happy.

After looking at all the tables I found The Bees by Laline Paull which instantly stood out to me. The cover instantly drew me in with its contrasting of gold and yellow to create hives on the cover, after searching the whole store for something else that stood out to me, I was probably in the store for an hour trying to find a second book.


Once I had decided that I wasn’t going to find a second book an assistant asked if I needed help, this woman was a god send and I am very sorry that I didn’t catch her name as she found me a second book after recommending me multiple books that I for one reason or another turned down.

After listing all the books I had managed since August 11 books in total which I was amazed at. She then found me The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman, I had passed the book and looked at it multiple times but put it down due to it not being in the offer. The assistant was so lovely that she gave me the discount regardless of the book not being in the offer.


Next it was off to Boots where I was so excited as they were doing a 3 for 2 offer on selected lines. As this month is the start of birthday’s I found some bits for a gift.

I was so happy to see that Maybelline was in the offer. After everyone has been raving about  the colour 24hr tattoo I instantly went to the section to see if any new colours had been added. To my joy I found that the Metallic Pomegranate was in after being sold out every time I went in. I then decided that I was going to use the offer and get my friend three different colours as she had not used any before, she has since been given the eye shadows and can not wait to use them. My favourite colour so far is Pink Gold which I purchased for her as well as Permanent Taupe.

Left to Right : Metallic Pomegranate, Pink Gold and Permanent Taupe
Left to Right :
Metallic Pomegranate, Pink Gold and Permanent Taupe

Next was to Bourjois, to be honest I have never been a fan of Bourjois but when I saw that there were eye crayons called Colourband I was intrigued. I had a look at all the colours and ended up getting a colour called Brun dadaiste which is a brown with slight gold tint to it. I also picked up a pink called Rose fauviste this colour reminded me of the Maybelline Pink Gold but in pencil form, lastly I got Beige minimaliste which is a lovely soft gold beige colour that I am sure I will be wearing often. I have since used the crayons and am really impressed they lasted the whole night without smudging.

Left to Right: Brun Dadaiste, Rose Fauviste and Beige Minimaliste
Left to Right:
Brun Dadaiste, Rose Fauviste and Beige Minimaliste

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