What I love at the moment

A White Bird in a Blizzard

This film is a must see, at first I wasn’t sure how good it would be as it wasn’t promoted that much in the UK. It has a stellar cast with Shailene Woodley, Eva Green and Christopher Meloni. Shailene Woodley plays Kat a teenager whose mother disappears with no word when she is 17. The film flips back and forth from present to flash backs. Throughout the film you learn about how Kat’s parents meet and their horrible relationship. If you like thrillers this is one to check out. The film was originally a book, which I am considering now buying, as I loved the film so much.

The Night Circus

I have become a complete bookworm recently due to long journeys to work and back. My brother’s girlfriend recommended this book to me, after reading the blurb on the back I could not put it down. Erin Morgenstern has written a magical fantasy world beginning in 1873 you meet Celia a famous magicians daughter and Marco a young protégé of Mr. A.H. From a young age both children are set a game one that neither of them understand that will last 30 years set in a circus. This book is gripping with it changing from past to present constantly. With multiple characters intertwining between past and present you will not put this book down, I only wish the circus existed, as it sounds amazing.

Rimmel Kate 107 Matte Lipstick

I had been looking for a red plum lipstick for months and after hearing Zoella talk about this one I am in love. The closest I had come to finding a perfect match was Wicked by Topshop which I still wear when I want a more plum look. This range by Kate Moss is perfect all focusing on different kinds of red lipstick with the best matte finish I have found, I also own 110 which is the perfect shade of red for me as it has a slight pink tint to it. If you are looking for a drugstore affordable matte lipstick check out Kate’s range for Rimmel as you will not be disappointed.

Left to Right  Kate shade 16, Kate shade110, Topshop shade Wicked, Kate shade 107, Kate shade 03
Left to Right
Kate shade 16, Kate shade110, Topshop shade Wicked, Kate shade 107, Kate shade 03

Topshop Ankle boots

These boots have become my must have pair of shoes to wear with any day outfit. I was very lucky as I got these shoes for £9!!!! when they were originally nearly £50 in a Black Friday sale. My response was WHAT they are like the posh kind of shoe they would be on the lit up display which was answered with laughter by all my friends. They are such a classic ankle boot with a cut out and a gold buckle and as I can’t wear heals that often they are the perfect height. I normally wear them with black ankle socks but I am thinking about pairing them with a ribbon trim sock to make it more spring/ summer.


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