72hrs in Singapore


I have just come back from a much needed holiday from Bali but we got to do a layover in Singapore for two and a half days. Heres what we managed to cram in those two and a half days.

Day 1

Once we arrived it was early afternoon so we checked in and went to explore a bit to get our bearings for the next couple of days. We were located near China Town at the Grand Capthrone Waterfront Hotel which was surrounded by other hotels and a mall so you were close to everything.

Orchard Road

This is Singapores equivalent to Regent Street and Oxford Street full of high street stores and designer stores so if you want to do a bit of shopping here is the place. Full of tourists it will feel like being back on Oxford Street.

Fort Canning Park

We stumbled across this as we were wondering, known as The Forbidden Hill it was the seat of royalty for the Malay Kingdom in the 1300’s. Sir Stanford Raffles also chose to build one of his residences here and established Singapore’s first botanical garden in 1822. Later it was known as Government Hill as Singapore’s colonial leaders made it their residences here.

It got it’s name from Viscount Charles John Canning and was made into a fort in 1860, since then it has been a military base until the 1970’s which housed the British, the Japanese in world war 2 and the Republic Armed Forces.

Full of many attractions for history buffs and a nice walking route full of different plants including a spice garden by the registry office, you will see lots of newly married couples taking photos here.

Keramat Iskandar Shah
Keramat Iskandar Shah
Fort Gate and Fort Wall
Raffles House and Terrace
Maritime Corner




Day 2

Up bright and early we crammed everything in today that we wanted to see. So we could leave the next day for what we had missed.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple ( Temple of the Calm Cantonese Sea)

This is the oldest teochew temple built by immigrants from China in 1855. It was restored and reopned in 2014. As we were walking to the Marina we crossed this and had to pop in to have a look.



The Merlion is the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Originally a fishing village called Temasek the fish body represents this, the head represents Singapura the original  name for Singapore. Standing at 8.6 metres and weighing 70 tonnes this is a must see. In 2002 it was relocated due to the Esplande Bridge blocking the statue. This is a massive tourist attraction and they have a smaller merlion known as the merlion cub which also spouts water from its mouth.

Gardens by the bay

This was my must see after seeing youtube videos of it just before we left. The garden is free apart from three parts the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forrest and OCBC Skyway. We did the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forrest due to the weather it was advised not to do the skyway.

The Flower Dome has more than 32,000 plants which are incorporated with statues throughout the dome. Made to replicate the cool dry climate of California and South Africa these plants vary from thousand year old olive trees to changing floral displays, as its harvest time they had a large display which included a statue made out of pumpkins and other harvest vegetables.

The Cloud Forrest is a closed compound with a 35 metre tall man made mountain covered in mist and vegetation with the largest indoor waterfall. the views from the top are amazing and throughout the interior of the mountain you have various parts of information about caves and the environment.

Throughout the rest of the gardens there is an area dedicated for children to play and a trail which has a different garden in each part including a sun pavilion.


I was told by a colleague that we had to go here and have a Singapore sling. The hotel was built in 1887 and in 1987 was declared a national monument. The famous long bar was relocated when the hotel was being renovated, this was also where the Singapore sling was invented. As you walk through the hotel you have an instructional video telling you how to make the famous cocktail. This is also the only place where you can drop peanut shells on the floor keeping in tradition of the greats throwing peanut shells on the floor when they were there.

Day 3 AM

Little India

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

Known as the temple of 1,000 lights this holds a 15 metre high statue of Buddha weighing nearly 300 tons, for some reason the temple was closed and we could not go in unfortunately.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

This is one of the oldest temples in Singapore, on the exterior roof you will see lots of different representations of Vishnu you will see lots of hindu temples will have these. As it was diwali  the temples were packed full of people we also went on a weekend so it would have been busier, next time I would have gone on a weekday so I could have had a better look. I also managed to break my camera so the rest of the holiday I used my phone to take photos.


Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

This temple is dedicated to the goddess and destroyer of evil. As one of the oldest temples in Singapore it is a massive tourist attraction. I don’t know what was going on that day but this temple was also closed for some reason.


China Town

Sri Mariamman Temple

This temple claims to be the oldest Hindu temple according to Singapores tourist website, the temple is dedicated to the goddess known for curing illness and diseases. As it was diwali the streets were packed so we didn’t go in but the exterior was beautiful with six tiers covered in mythological creatures and deities.

Buddha Tooth Relic

This was our last stop before we headed back to the hotel for our flight. This is one of the newer temples being built only ten years ago. As you walk in there is a massive stupa weighing 3500 kilograms and made from 320 kilograms of gold everything is gold and red as you walk round there are buddha’s everywhere this is also a museum which gives you the option of a guided tour.



Little tips for Singapore

You can walk everywhere it will just take you a while depending on where you stay.

If you want to get a taxi get one  from a hotel thats what we did and we didn’t get scammed.

It is also cheaper to get taxis during the day we were told on our last day.

It is illegal to litter and to jay walk.


Right after Singapore we went to Bali so that post will be on its way soon

Bye for now




February Favourites 


This month has been a crazy as I’ve just had three weeks off. Only as the month was coming to an end did I start to gather my February Favourites.

Walking dead

I have just started this and I am hooked ,within a day I had finished the first series. I am now on the second and cannot stop its brilliant I’m almost onto the third series on Sky Box sets. It’s one of those shows that once you watch one episode you have to put the next on. I am so glad I am not up to date with this as I can do mass binges which is how I am spending most of my free time now.


I went through a phase recently where I was living in lush shower gel and bath bombs, and I had noticed my bath bomb collection was dwindling so I ran over and got myself some more gorgeous smelling  goodies, I  was very lucky as I have a friend who works there so she was showing me all the lovely new bits that I should try.  I always try to mix it up with bath bombs to see what works and doesn’t, I cannot wait to try yoga bomb and sex bomb they smell amazing and look like they will be a fun experiment.


I have recently had a love hate releationship with topshop, every time I went in I didn’t like what they had or they never had my size, but with the weather slightly resembling spring some of their new stuff is looking good for a seasonal transition. I have even gone out of my comfort zone and got myself a burnt orange velvet cordaroy pinafore which is so comfy it will be worn to death this season now I get to experiment with what tops work . I also finally managed to get a cute cropped shirt with humming birds on it which has taken me forever to hunt down. Both of these items are so out of my comfort zone and I love it, next dungarees I think.

No offence

Another great tv show it’s just had its second series on Channel 4 and gets better each series, written by Paul abbot (shameless) set in a Manchester police station you see the inner workings of how cases are solved and the forensics of them. With the central characters being women it gives a new perspective on how women are precieved in roles of authority in such a male work environment. If you loved Shameless you will love this.


This is the first show that Netflix has aimed for young adults. Looking like it would live on the CW the story is set in Riverdale a small town in America. When a student dies and weeks later his body is discovered how does the town react and who did it?. With twist turns and flashbacks this show is pulling out all the stops and it’s only just begun. Plus Cole Sprouse from  from the Suite Life (Ben from Friends) is in it after having a break from acting.

Science and Natural History Museum

I recently went here in January and have already done a repeat visit. I went during the week so both museums were full of school trips or young families. So much had changed in both museums, part of the Natural History Museum was closed due to an instalment for a new exhibition which was a bit annoying but I still loved it. I have been to the Science Museum twice now and want to go back soon, they currently have a 3D IMAX with films made for the museum about bugs, the universe and many more some of which are narrated by different actors.

Bye for Now


Skincare and Haircare Routine


It’s been ages I know but I have a new post for you today, as the weather has been so unpredictable I have been making sure my hair and skin do not get affected.

With the weather constantly changing I want to make sure my skin doesn’t get  affected. I have been using Orgins for just over three years now and I haven’t found another product that works the way theirs do.

In the morning and evening  I always use the Checks and Balance frothy face wash, I find if I am having combination skin problems this sorts it out as it’s so gentle. Normally when I use other face washes my skin feels dry and pulled when this doesn’t, it smells amazing with lavender, spearmint and bergamot not to strong for the morning or evening. This is designed to work on combination skin keeping your dry and oily areas in balance.

When I need  to give my skin a boost  I use the  Out of Trouble 1o minute mask from the Drink up range aimed for dry skin this mask works wonders, I have used it many a time when I need an area targeted which gets sorted instantly with Apricot Kernel oil used you know this is going to smell amazing as well as giving you great results.

Left to Right : Checks and Balances, Out of Trouble


Once I cleanse I use the Super Spot Remover twice a day to target those pesky spots that need a little extra help, I have been using this product for over five years and it is the best spot gel I have ever used. I cannot recommend this product enough targeting acne prone skin I have given it to other people to try and they have ended up getting it they loved it so much and loved the results. As I have combination skin I try to make sure my eyes are taken care of as the skin around your eyes is so delicate, I also am prone to dark circles and the A Perfect World for Eyes   which I have been using for over a month now has made a difference definitely it  aims to hydrate, tone, firm and target dark circles  while protecting from environmental damage.

Once I have taken care of my eyes I then moisturise with Plantscription SPF 25 Power Anti Ageing Oil Free Cream I have just started using this and I have noticed a difference in the short amount of time. I wanted a moisturiser with SPF to make sure my skin was always protected when I am out and about, I have also used the A Perfect World AntiOxidant Moisturiser with White Tea which protects the skin from environmental damage. Comparing the two I prefer Plantscription as it has a SPF and the results felt like they lasted longer than A Perfect World. Once I cleanser in the evening I use High Potency Night-A-Mins Moisturiser  I haven’t used a evening moisturiser before but I’m glad I have started now I always worry evening creams are heavy and cakey which isn’t nice to put on before you go to sleep. This is the complete opposite I love using this it’s so lightweight and full of vitamins and minerals to help replenish the skin, it smells amazing which helps you relax and let the moisturiser do it’s job when I wake up the next day my skin is smooth and oil free which is the nicest feeling when starting your day.


Left to Right: High Potency Night a Mins, Plantscription SPF 25 Anti Ageing, A Perfect World for Eyes, Super Spot Remove


As I colour my hair I try to keep it in the best condition possible with regularish cuts and shampoos and conditioners that protect coloured hair. I heard about Oaui on Lily Pebbles channel and decided to give it a go. I have fine hair so I started with the volume set which I have decided I will not repurchase yet as I have started using the Ouai Clean Shampoo and Oaui Clean Conditioner both of these are good for coloured hair and give your hair a reset if you use styling or texturising products regularly which I have started to do. I normally go through products quiet quickly but I haven’t even got through half of the bottles yet which is always a plus.

Left to Right: Ouai Conditioner Clean, Ouai Shampoo Clean


I always go to Toni and Guy to get my hair cut and coloured and find that the Label.M products work wonders on my hair to make it look fuller and thicker. I have used  other mousses in the past and it always goes sticky, hardens and makes my hair crusty if I don’t style it instantly but the Label.M Volume Mousse  gives you volume without the crustyness mixed with the Label.M Blow Out Spray  my hair look full and thick all day. I use both products everyday and using on just wet hair still has the same effects, both products smell amazing which is always a plus and a little goes a long way which is always a bonus.

Left to Right: Label.M Volume Mousse, Label.M Blow Out Spray

Bye for now


New Years Resolutions


Its been a while I know but it’s a new year so a fresh start.

Every year I set myself resolutions that I will never be able to keep and by the end of the year I feel crap as I hadn’t kept to them.

This year I am setting myself resolutions that are realistic and if I don’t achieve them it’s not the end of the world.

Get into London more 

After visiting London recently I realised how much I missed venturing out and visiting museums. This year I am going to attempt to make it more into London and explore.

Stop worrying about your weight 

Every year I say I will lose x amount of weight and I never achieve it as Christmas takes all the hard work away with indulging in everything. This year I am not going to worry and just be happy with how I feel.

Learn a new skill

I have been saying for ages that I am going to do some short courses and this year I am aiming to take as many as I can find time to do.

Take your holiday throughout the year not all at once just before it runs out 

This has happened to me now and it turns out I may not be able to take all of it anyway. This year I am going to take small city breaks and plan one big holiday.

Spend a little bit more for something nicer

This year I’m aiming in investing in nicer quality of clothing , make up and skin care that will last that bit longer. I get reactions from cheaper make up and skin care anyway so this is just something I am continuing but I have noticed that in the past year I am looking at better quality products that will last longer and I would get more joy out of using.

I could continue adding to the list but then the more I add the more likely I would not keep half of them.

Bye for now



I have been in Edinburgh since Saturday and have started to write down what I think is worth seeing/ doing in Edinburgh during this fringe festival.

First up Arthurs Seat, we set off around 9.30 ( we got back to the flat around 11 so we were happy with our time) and started to feel like this would be fine we were on a man made path why were people acting like this was a big deal. Boy was I wrong the path splits into the man made one for a different easier less impressive hill and the dirt path to Arthurs Seat. It is a trek but worth it as the view is amazing if you have a look at the instagram you will see its beauty and how much of Edinburgh you can see on a good clear day, the only thing I would recommend would be to wear sensible shoes like trainers or walking boots I saw one guy go and attempt it in flip flops I’m sure he is regretting that now.

Next up  Ahir Shah at the Laughing horse @ Cabaret Voltaire , I saw he was recommended by Iain Stirling on Twitter (I will also try and go see Iain later this week hopefully) put him on my to see list and didn’t think anything about it till yesterday when getting in from Arthurs seat my brother tells me he is also going to see him but we have to get there early as it would be a full room. After running around madly packing for the day we left and agreed to meed fifteen minutes before the show to get a seat, word of advice the entire pub pretty much was there to see him and half of them had already got the seats and the rest were now standing, next time I would have get there thirty minutes early just to get a seat. We all ended up sitting on the floor in front of the stage as that was the only space available. If you like left wing politics and excellent comic timing you will love him also he does a bit where he is a tree which is brilliant , I already want to go again but know I will never get a seat as he is that popular. But don’t worry if you miss him at the fringe as he is doing the same show in London at Soho Theatre early October, I feel I will be dragging my friends to see him as he is becoming one of my new favourite comedians.

After my mum, brother and friend ran out to get to another show me and my dad wondered around Edinburgh to get to our next show Mark Thomas at the Traverse. After a good pale ale we all found each other and and went in, I have never seen Mark Thomas before but my parents love him so I knew I would like it, I am so glad I saw this show not knowing what I was walking into was a nice surprise also if you love left wing politics you will also love Mark Thomas as this show is about his time as a student supporting the striking miners in 1984. With audience participation and various characters Mark tells a story about what is the truth and what is a fabricated lie to make a story good. If you have the chance to see him please do as you will not be disappointed.


Bye for now


Current favourite places to eat and drink in London


I know I know its been a long time and I’m sorry but I have recently been out in London and gone a bit food and drink mad, here are some of my current favourites.

The Iron Duke

This was an accidental find as me and my mate were wondering around trying to find our way back to Oxford street from Bond street tube. Located in Mayfair it is pricey but a lovely small pub. It has the look of a classic fullers london pub with its interior relating to the iron duke and having one or two little nooks to hide in so you can drink a great beer and read a book happily. I would definitely return on a quiet day and try some more of their ales. If your in the area please find them you will not be sorry.



I saw Tanya Burr had gone here in one of her recent vlogs and had to find it. They make their ice cream in the shape of roses, if you have a look at my instagram you will see a chocolate and raspberry one I got which did not last very long but was an amazing combination, they also do sorbets which look amazing and with a wide variety of flavours. I ended up getting a small and that was plenty for me but you need to eat it quick otherwise you will have a hand of melted ice cream. I am definitely  returning and trying more flavours soon.


I have been going to Pix for years as my mum discovered it while out and about in covent garden and have been taking us since. Hidden on Neal Street near Shaftesbury Avenue this spanish tapas style restaurant is the perfect quick filling place to eat. With the website describing themselves as having exceptionally friendly and vibrant atmosphere they are right we went in around 2pm and the place was filling up.Their outside seating was full and there were only a few tables left inside, the staff were amazing and explained how the food pricing works as you have only big or little skewers priced 2.25 or 3.25 ( these may have changed I found these on the website). The best part is you don’t have to load up your plate right away you can keep going back and finding new dishes to try. I am so glad this place now has more restaurants all over London and will be visiting them very soon.


I will be in Edinburgh next week  for a weeks holiday ( yay woo) so you will be getting some food,touristy and possibly some Ed Fringe posts.

Bye for now


The story of a new name review


I have been very busy reading like a mad man and have now finished the second in the Neapolitan novels and now onto the third which will have a post up very soon I hope.

The book continues straight after the first with Lila is back from her honeymoon and is having s difficult time adjusting to married life. As time passes Lila and Elena grow closer and spend almost all their time together. Lila is becoming erratic and unmanageable and only Elena can calm her ,meanwhile Lila is pregnant . This results in Stefano Lilas husband asking Elena to become his ally. Meanwhile Elena is struggling with school resulting in her barely passing the term.

With Lila still unhappy in her marriage starts to focus on her husbands grocery store and her friends who need help giving them jobs and spending money on them. This results in Elena getting brand new books for school. As Elena is studying and experiencing things Lila has only imagined they start to grow apart like most people do at that age at different stages of their lives. When invited to a party by her teacher Elena decides to bring Lila with her for support. There they see the differences between them already, Lila is quiet and keeps to herself while Elena is surrounded by her equals and is the centre of attention.
Summer is now upon the women and Lila has miss carried her child and on doctors orders she is to go get some sun and get stronger. Elena has passed the year with high marks and has a summer job in a bookstore. Lila persuades Elena to join them , eventually Elena joins but after she requests they go to Ischia. Over the summer Lila and Elena grow closer as they only have each other.

Elena starts to hang out with a friend from school who joins the girls everyday at the beach talking about politics, books he has read and anything else on his mind. Elena is infatuated with him while Lila ignores him, gradually she is intrigued and starts conversations on what she has read and her views on politics. Both the man and Lila fall in love and start having an affair with Elena constantly warning her of the consciences.

Eventually they spend the night together while Elena visits his family in a near by town. Lila’s husband finds out she is with the other man and in outrage makes everyone leave the island and return home. Where Lila is back to her unhappy married life Elena is focused on completing her final year of school and earning money to help her family. Elena decides it is best to keep a distance from Lila for the time beginning , while hearing from friends what she has been up to.

As the school year comes to an end Elena passes her exams and decides she will go to university, but wondering how the hell she would afford it. After one of her exams an examiner asks what her plans are for the future and gives her information about scholarships. Throughout the summer she works as a tutor and takes the university tests with difficulty. She passes and gets a scholarship. When saying goodbye to everyone Elena drops by to see Lila at the family shoe shop to find out that she is still having an affair pregnant and wants to leave her husband.

Elena has started university and is finding it hard to fit in even wanting to go home like most university students , gradually she snaps out of it and starts to alter how she is perceived creating a new identity to her classmates and teachers. With Christmas break coming up Elena gets straight A’s and meets a boy at the school dance. They start to go out and he introduces her to new things more literature , clothes, books and takes her to Paris but she doesn’t love him and it soon fizzles out.

Elena then gives a brief recount of what happens between 1963-1965. Lila had left her husband and has run away to Neno the man she was having an affair with. Elena is studying and has met someone , Lila eventually returns back to her husband to find out he is having an affair and expecting another child. Elena has graduated gotten engaged and written a novel. The last chapter is when Elena’s book comes out and Elena is doing a q&a at a Milan bookstore when Nino stands up and asks a question.

If you have made it to the end well done this was a long post and I’m sorry. The book looks at what most people aged 18 are going through with friends going through different experiences with university and reality of the real world once its all over.With this book you have to keep at it as it sets things up for the third book and drags a little but you should keep at it as it’s worth it at the end.

Bye for now